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Jobs and Debut

Thorough Support for Your Debut and Career
The achievement of increase in the number of jobs offered.19 times bigger than the number of job applicants!!
When the students enter our school they are just beginners, but after studying here they gain experience and make an achievement.
At our school we offer many opportunities where students can take a glimpse of the front-line of the industry through special lectures, auditions within the school, and mock production-presentation. We have also gained much trust from each industry and have achieved an increase in the number of jobs offered which is 19 times bigger than the number of job applicants.

Valid Job Offering Ratio (The total of employment offers at animation related companies ÷current students) = 19.32 times
Achievements from graduates of Tokyo Animation College Academy 2008
A Support System That Takes Care of Each Studentand Acts as a Pipeline Between the Company and Student.
The first step to making a debut and finding a job is learning how to communicate with people. No matter how much skills and knowledge you have, if you are unable to communicate well you will be unable to get a job. We take into account every student’s characteristics and lay out a framework to act as a go-between the students and the companies.
Point1 Tutor System
We have a system in which there is a tutor for each class in which we are able to have full understanding of each of the student’s thoughts towards their future career options and directions.
Point2 Sufficient Career Advice
Our career advice staff always research what the new companies and the industry are seeking for and give advice to the students.
Point3 Communication System
We have a system where the tutor, career center and the student discuss the required personnel, production and directions in order to establish a suitable job-hunt for all.
Point4 Cultivating Companies andProductions Seeking Employees
The staff at the recruitment center are always looking out for new sources of employment. They also visit various productions and search information on employment offers.
Point5 A Curriculum Reflecting the AnimationScene’s Requirements
At times the tutor will visit the companies to gain understanding of what requirements there are on the scene. Advice received from companies would be reflected in the curriculum straight away.
Point6 Training at Companies /Internship
Many companies start their training before the student has graduated. Plans for the training terms and internship are set upon discussion between the career center and the tutor.
Point7 Career Advice for the Students
Career options are decided upon discussions between the tutor, career center and the student. The student is given training for life in society such as business knowledge required for job-hunting and manner courses.
Support that continues after graduation – Forever Support

GSS is a system that supports graduates after their graduation to achieve their dreams. On the day of their graduation graduates will be given a ‘GSS Card’ and we will offer support semi-permanently.
Point1 Classroom Rental
Even after you have graduated you would be free to use the Voiceover Lab, Comic Lab and Computer Lab.
Point2 Checking Your Productions
Graduates of the Animation Department and Comic Department are free to have their productions checked by us.
Point3 Employment Advice, Career Advice
Please feel free to discuss with us your change in career or re-employment even after graduation.
Point5 Consultation Via Email
We have a website set-up especially for graduates. Students are free to use this website as a means of consultation with the school.
Point4 Alumni Reunions (Few Times a Year)
We will arrange graduate reunions not only on the year of graduation but also in years to follow. Once in the society, graduates will become industry companions. Use these events as opportunities to exchange industrial information.
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Companies Seeking Employees/ Partner Companies and Offices
Not only will we support your employment into companies in the industry, but we will also help your employment into general companies. You have a wide choice of industries ahead of you.
■Animation Related Industry (Companies With Job Vacancies, 2008)
Arts /Art Anime Studio /Art Land /Idea Factory /Eye Move /Eye Rem Software Engineering /Asia Dou /Atari /Assez Finaud Fabric /Ad Cosmo /Anime International Company(AIC)/Anime Spot /Anime Roman /Affect /Apure Communications /Angle/Answer Studio /e-Smile /E-Production /Ignition Entertainment Limited/iseriA /Imagine /IRUSUTO RIO /Ingressa/Intelligent systems /Wish /E.C.G.T /A.P.P.P. /E Line /A-1Pictures /Exceed Entertainment /EKURA Animal /M.S.C /MSJ MUSASHINO Seisakujo/Entry Service Promotion /Oyama Kankou /Office Ao / Omnibus Japan /Gainax /CAPCOM /GARAN /KINO Production /QOL Service /KYOIKU JOHOU Service /KUMA /Creek and River /Creans Meard /GONZO /Cyclone Entertainment /Cyber Connect2 /Satellite /Sunshine Corporation of Japan /Sunrise /Sunward /XEBEC /Xeen /J.C Staff /Sigma Print Industry /Jungle gym /syn Sophia /Studio AKUSISU . /Studio Ad / Studio IZENA /Studio L /Studio OZ/Studio Gimlet/Studio ZAENDO /Studio Zan /Studio Deen /Studio Hard Deluxe /Studio Pastoral/Studio Babel /Studio Barcelona /Studio Hibari /Studio Fantasia /Studio Boomerang /Studio Mark/Studio MAT/Studio Mu/Studio Live /Studio Liberty /Studio Road /Studio YS /Studio wanpack/XEXCS /Seven Arks /Celsys /Dynamo Pictures /W5 Saff Service/TAMAZAWA Douga Sha/Tam Soft/Chun Soft/T.N.K/Digital Network Animation/Tezuka Production/Telecom Animation Film/Denyu sha/Toei Animation/Doga Kobo/TOSE/Deram Japan/Dream Force/Nakamura Production/Nihon Animation/Nihonichi Software/Nihon Falcom/New Concept/No Side/Nomad/Harmony/Para.TV/Bullet/ Bamboo/PA Works/Pygee/Big Studio/Bit Design/Feel/Force Space/FUKUIN/Brains Base/Production I.G./Production Reed/Broccoli/Vector Core /Head Works/Hermes/Bones/Micro Cabin/Magic Bus/Madhouse/Minamimachi Bugyosho/Music Club/Media 22seiki/Metro/Yukes/Ufotable/Yokosha/Racjin/Last House/RIKUEITAI
■Comics/Publishing Industry
(Mock Production-Presentation, Compliance Publisher, Editorial Desk, 2008)

Monthly GUNDAM Ace/Monthly New Type/Monthly Shonen Ace/Monthly Dragon Age/Monthly Animage/Monthly Comic Ryu/Seishinsha/FUJIMI Fantasia Bunko/ Cobalto Bunko/Dengeki Bunko/Weekly Shonen Jump/Monthly Shonen Jump/Cookie/Monthly Ribbon/Monthly Shonen Gan Gan/Monthly G Fantasy/Weekly Morning/Friend/Monthly Afternoon/Monthly Asuka/LaLa/Hana to Yume/Monthly Comic Blade/Ultra Jump
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