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Contact us for a Brochure

???? We will send you free literaturabout Osaka Animation College.
Brochure of school’s general information
We have included all the information you need in this brochure. You will also find the specialties and the overview of Osaka Animation College and the details of each of the curriculums of the courses. We have also included an easy description on the road to making a professional debut.
A brochure for parents/guardians
Osaka Animation College that specializes in Anime, Comics and Voiceover is the first school as such to be approved by Osaka Prefecture and has bases in Tokyo and Osaka. Please find details of our education philosophy and education fees within the brochure.
Brochure of Guidelines for Applicants
You can find all the information you need for admission to our school. We have included detailed information for admission fees, dormitories and education loans, etc. There is also information regarding the exam for scholarship.
Please contact us via E-mail.
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